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How to cope with the extra activity during the Olympic Games? 1/2

There’s still time to get organized !

It is possible to call on in-house resources.

In particular, you could consider :


  • Implemented by collective agreement or with administrative authorization issued by the Ministry of Labor.
  • Do not forget to refer to collective agreements, the applicable collective bargaining agreement and, in the absence of contractual stipulations, articles L3121-27 et seq. of the French Labor Code.

Sunday work and suspension of weekly rest

Temporary suspension of weekly rest and/or derogation from Sunday rest during JOs, subject to special conditions (see Decree no. 2023-1078 of November 23, 2023).

Adjustment of paid vacations

Be careful to respect the mandatory notice periods and the reference periods for taking leave, otherwise the employee’s agreement may be required.

Points to watch :

  • Ensure compliance with collective bargaining standards (collective agreements, collective bargaining agreements).
  • Ensure that workloads (for employees on fixed working days) or working hours are monitored and documented.
  • Monitor and document compliance with daily and weekly maximum working hours and minimum rest periods
  • Pay for overtime worked


  • Financial penalties (i.e. minimum wage, overtime, Urssaf reassessment)
  • Risk of administrative fines
  • High penal risk (i.e. concealed work, offence of unlawful employment)


Sabine De Paillerets

Camille Le Néa

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