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BCTG Avocats, founded in 1971, is evolving to align its projected image with the reality of its market positioning.

This evolution is embodied in a new identity and in new offices.

The two projects, carried out simultaneously and in a coordinated manner, aim to affirm BCTG’s strength (teams, organization), its modernity, its lawyers’ taste for innovation, their commitment to their clients (groups and leading companies, particularly in the energy, health/pharmaceutical, digital, retail-luxury, agri-food, infrastructure, sports and culture/leisure sectors) and finally, the firm’s influence.

These transformations are the result of an in-depth thinking about the firm’s entrepreneurial project, its strengths, its singularities and its values. This thinking was notably nourished by dialogue with all stakeholders, partners, associates, staff, as well as several clients.

The process has brought to light and allowed us to re-formulate the fundamentals that have supported the development of the firm since its creation, the action of the founders and of all the partners. It is because the firm is solidly united, over the years, on a base of shared values, that it has went through 5 decades and the deep transformations of the lawyer’s profession, the economy and society. 

Thus, the new identity has been designed to embody the pillars of BCTG’s corporate project: entrepreneurial freedom, a taste for challenge, an insatiable curiosity for the world and the challenges of tomorrow, and the quality of human relations  considered as an essential strength that has carried BCTG for 50 years.

This expert, bold and attractive positioning is now embodied in a powerful, visible and modern logo and a website that puts the proof of its lawyers’ expertise at the center of its narrative. 

This new stage in the life of the firm is also marked, well beyond the mere symbol, by the move to new premises. After nearly 30 years, the building on Avenue Gourgaud was no longer able to accommodate new teams and, above all, to implement collaborative work methods and the CSR approach that the firm wishes to pursue with ambition. 

Since November 15, 2021, BCTG’s 60 professionals have moved into their new offices at 53 rue des Belles Feuilles in the 16th arrondissement of Paris, a building that blends the old and the new, in the image of the firm, faithful to its values modern and free to transform itself. 

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