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The environmental information of the BDESE (Economic, Social and Environmental Database) is specified !
Decree n°2022-678, 26 Apr. 2022: OJ, 27 Apr.

The climate law of 22 August 2021 added a new topic to the BDESE relating to the environmental consequences of the company’s activity. The decree of 26 April 2022 specifies the information to be provided in this context, distinguishing between companies with less than 300 employees (R. 2312-8 C. trav.) and those with at least 300 employees (R2312-9 C. trav.).
In addition, the information made available to the CSE for recurrent consultations, in particular for consultation on social policy, employment and working conditions on the one hand (R. 2312-19 and -20 C. trav. ) and consultation on the economic and financial situation of the undertaking on the other hand (R2312-16 and -17 C. trav.).

Current case law: the “Macron scale” validated by the Court of Cassation
Cass. Soc. 11 May 2022, n°21-15.247, n°21-14.490

The Court of Cassation has for the first time and thus putting an end to several years of legal battle validated the so-called Macron scale applicable to the calculation of compensation for dismissal deemed to be without real and serious cause and therefore the minimum and maximum amounts fixed in the said scale.
This decision will allow employers to assess the financial risk in case of contestation of the dismissal without risk to see this scale not applied, as was previously the case for small salaries. On the other hand, there remains the possibility for employees, if necessary, to sue their former employers in the fieldof nullity of the dismissal by invoking in particular discrimination, harassment, or the vexatious /brutal nature of the dismissal, to request an excess of the said scale or additional damages.

Work stoppage forms merge
Decree n°2019-854, 20 August 2019: OJ, 21 August
Press release Amé of 22 Apr. 2022.

A single work stoppage form, valid in the event of illness, maternity or AT/MP, will gradually replace the different forms of leave currently used. The medical certificates relating to the recognition and follow-up of AT/MP, will no longer carry a prescription for stoppage of work and will therefore no longer be sent to the employer by the employee.
On the other hand, the rules of declaration and instruction do not change.

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