Business sectors


Depending on the project, our experts advise ministries, public establishments, public companies, transport organising authorities, construction companies, service operators, investment funds, banks, industrialists, private companies subject to public service obligations, public inter-municipality cooperation establishments (EPCIs) and local authorities. 

For example, when we advise a contracting authority on the award of a greenfield project, we provide the following services:

  • legal feasibility study of the project, in order to determine the appropriate method of operation for implementing the project, based on the project’s requirements, profitability, schedule, etc,
  • Drafting of the corresponding consultation documents (public invitation to tender, consultation rules, manual for drawing up tenders, draft contracts, etc.) and structuring of the tendering procedures (open, restricted, dialogue, negotiated, etc.)
  • preparation of the analysis reports of the bids and offers, 
  • participation in the hearings with the bidders and, if necessary, negotiation,
  • awarding / finalising the contractual documentation (contract and schedules).

With regard to consortiums and banks, we review, amend or draft the project documentation (contract and sub-contracts) and help the bidder to structure/draft its offer and assist it throughout the award procedure, up to the closing of the project. 

Our experts also handle capital restructuring operations (sale, merger-acquisition, acquisition of shares, etc.) of project companies holding public contracts. 

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